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Web Designer and Programmer Synergy

Seven key relationships in business

A smooth, flowing website design starts with the collaboration of designer and programmer.  This relationship is symbiotic and sometimes chaotic, but never the less, huge in a business development processes.  It begins with a solid team where mutual respect, joint inspiration, detailed communication and freedom to innovate merge to produce a rich, fresh marketing presence.

In business, the client/committee, bookkeeper, copy/content writer and photographer are four given parts of the web development process. The last, and I feel perhaps the least, recognized component is ‘fun’.  Working with Lucy Clark’s team will enable you to have time to do what you do best and enjoy the process.


An online presence is no longer a glorified brochure or reproduction of your company’s printed collateral, but a mandatory vehicle to launch a company’s product and/or service to a media-swayed public.  This important roll goes beyond hiring a graphic designer simply to produce your catalog; now a designer is a key element to a business’ success.  A business savvy design team with marketing and multi-media know-how is an instrumental asset, enabling your company’s expansion into a virtual online presence.  The partnership between innovative data solutions starts with walking the ‘edge of the box’. When your CEO requests a ‘kick-ass e-commerce website’, I offer you our experienced web designers, marketers and programmers.  Your key partner in bringing your business to the global internet marketplace starts with the spark of your idea and becomes a fully-functioning concept thorough the 7ucy designer/programmer team.

The launch of Lucy Clark Communications was birthed from Beebe Communications, Inc. and the desire to transition into dynamic multi-media services of  iPad/Pod mobile apps, innovative web solutions, flash animation and video.  Not only does 7ucy provide all the experience of traditional forms of print communications, but by partnering with Lucy Clark, you are taking the next step towards effective online advertising, SEO, Apps, and CMS data driven solutions to help gain the advantage in our digital world.

We encourage you to press into new territory with transformative video, dynamic animation, info-graphics and rich marketing media, with the comfort of knowing that your product is in the hands of a talented team of marketing professionals, programmers and designers.

Send us your specs to lucy (at) or call Lucy at 443-996-6374