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Phia Lab Hair Care Products

Michelle Roark, founder of Phia Lab, believes abundant energy can unlock potential from the perspective of competing on the world stage in skiing to applying engineering and physics in product innovation.  Michelle launched Phia to develop a competitive edge in her skiing that  defied the odds and put her on multiple World Cup podiums as well as in two Olympics.
Michelle travels the globe in search of nature’s finest essences with just the right amount of energy to use in her “Phi” based formulations that make up the Phia product line.
At Phia Lab we believe there’s an energy charging through nature that’s everywhere. Whether you’re looking out over your favorite surf break or you’re waist-deep in fresh powder, you can feel it around you with strength and purpose.


Created original large format website sliders with various text overlay. The client altered the images to suit their new website format.

Phia Lab is a unique hair care product line based in Denver, CO.


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