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Website Design Portfolio

Cagley WordPress Website by Lucy Clark

Cagley and Associates

Lucy Clark recently redesigned and updated to a WordPress CMS site. She has worked for this group of Structural Engineers in 
Rockville, MD since 1997. The firm provides services covering all phases of structural engineering. This includes studies of structural systems in the conceptual stage, preliminary design and cost estimates, final design and working drawings, specifications, and general on-site observation of the structural work throughout the construction phase. Our services also include progressive collapse analysis, structural reviews, evaluations of existing buildings and proposed project evaluations.

Beebe Communications, Inc (BBC)

This is our founding company’s website with Lucy Clark’s original graphic design portfolio. The business has been in continuous operation from May 1992 to September 2012.  BBC provided graphic design, print and web communication services and was originally located in Maryland.  Feel free to review the site and learn more about Lucy Ann Clark’s client testimonials and company history.  The projects are listed in categories such as brochures, logos, websites, catalogs, posters, maps, technical illustration, presentations, and much more.  The company changed it’s name to Lucy Clark Communications, Inc., after opening the Boulder, CO studio headquarters.

Core Communications website

Core Communications, LLC.

Lucy has worked with Core Comm since 2007 and is a regional telcomm serving the greater Boston, MA and Hartford, CT areas.  The website‘s layout was created in conjunction with the Core Comm development team and they continue to manage the content.  You may review more of our work for this company’s promotional and printed items here.   Achievement Tec website

Achievement Tec (ATEC)

The client needed a versatile website to present thier Personality Testing, Drug Screening and Background Checking services.  This extensive site has a wide range of custom icons, stock photos, illustration sliders, and we coordinated the content with their product and service pages.  They requested a custom twitter integration and amenable facts notation area for timely updates.  There service and product offerings are diverse and detailed, which required us to discern, organize and communicate their content distribution in a unique presentation for their industry.  We have worked closely with this Dallas based company since 1996.

Glenroy, Inc. website for label manufacturer

Glenroy Labels, Inc.

This clients site includes Flash animation to highlight their services. LCC has worked with Glenroy of Philadelphia, PA since 2008.  We looked to provide the client with a way to present their printing and packaging solutions to their clients.  They introduce new products every year and we sought to provide a series of images which conveyed the manufacturing process with out being too technical.  The flowing background design reinforced their progressive services approach.

Glenroy Road WebsiteGlenroy Road

This sister company of Glenroy Labels (listed above) needed an introductory portal to present Glenroy Road their newest consulting firm.  Lucy has worked with this Pennsylvania client since 2008.  They are a woman owned and operated sales and marketing company specializing in the printing and packaging industries.  They sought to work with another women owned company to produce this site.

SC Partners WebsiteSC Partners

Lucy has worked with this bi-partisan firm in Washington, D.C. since 2007.  She produced their logo identity and promotional print materials.  The site presents an overview of their services and client list in a digital brochure.  Their target audience spans across their network of contacts on Capitol Hill, in the Administration and at the Federal Agencies.  

Points of View WV

This company offers land for sale with mountaintop views in Moorefield, WV.  The clients goal is to display their 31 pristine, describe the wooded lots which are thoughfully designed and express that each lot presents a phenomenal view.  POV site displays and interactive map with pricing and links to photos from that exact site.  Lucy has worked with this client since 1997 on a number of project both print and online.  

Cutting Edge Remodeling, Inc.

CER is a residential and commercial construction and remodeling company located in South Florida, previously in Maryland.  This long standing business, since 1996, has generated sales from the before and after photo portfolio.  The site needed to convey their high level of quality, ‘first-class’ work, craftsmanship, professionalism, excellent job performance, ethical business practices and superior customer service.  We achieved this by presenting client testimonials, photo gallery categorization, and announcing their alternative energy and commercial services.  Lucy has worked with John Kraft of CER since 2008.     Asperion Group

Asperion Group, LLC.

The client requested to present a brief introduction to their fund that invests in life science companies.  The site has evolved due to their information being proprietary and sensitive therefore it is now hidden behind a password protected firewall.  The photos were provided from an arctic expedition undertaken by a closely associate to the head of the firm.  The client has requested an intro screen for the first and only page due to industry regulations. Beebe Comm and LCC have worked with Asperion Group located in NYC from 2008 to 2014.   Link to website is no longer online. Client has shifted to work with their internal staff.

Santosha School of Yoga

Lucy is a prior owner of Santosha School of Yoga (2008-2010), which offered instruction for private students and small groups in the Carroll County, MD studio.  The website is now transitioning to offer a variety of classes in Boulder, Colorado. Lucy is a certified Yoga instructor and can provide training in any area gym or community center. She offers yoga for individuals or groups range from Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga for stress reduction, Chair Yoga to Yoga for Movement Disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease.    

Perseus, LLC.

Lucy has worked with Perseus LLC from 2001 to 2014. The information changes regularly for this merchant bank and private equity fund management company headquartered in Washington, D.C., with an office in New York and an associated advisory firm in Munich. The site utilizes beautiful works of art in the theme of Perseus, the greek god. This clean site layout offers ease of information flow. The SEO for their holdings continues to move the site to the top of search engine results.  Website is no longer available since the company has closed in late 2014.   the hair after website

 The Hair After

This beautifully decorated spa and salon located in Westminster, MD has chosen a leopard print as it’s theme.  The site reflects the personal offerings in their spa packages for hair, skin treatment, manicure, pedicure, waxing, and body massage. The Hair After was established in 1986 in the historic East Main Street area of Carroll County. Lucy has been working with the owner since 2001 to provide advertising and marketing solutions for print and online.  

Next Steps Research (NSR)

This is a portfolio management company located in Alexandria, VA.  NSR provides due diligence services to a range of clients including venture capital firms, private equity, angel networks and hedge funds. The client needed to communication a high level of detail in their online brochure to explain two proven and proprietary tools.  There are a large number of charts and data to help investors assess intellectual property such as patents and innovations, as well as the entrepreneurs and management teams tasked with bringing products to market and executing business plans.  The stock images displayed on the site reflect their logo and help balance the abundance of information presented in both their website and brochure.  Please click the thumbnail to see the website graphics. Note: The site is no longer online since the client has brought the editing in-house.

Lorien Nemec Yoga Instructor Website

Lorien Yoga

A WordPress website created for Lorien Nemec. This is for her yoga instruction, branding and marketing website for her classes, blog and tips for students. Lorien and I have worked to improve her brand image and reach a larger audience with her website.  Photography is created by both Lorien Nemec Butler and Lucy Clark. Visit her newest blog Yoga Mom Daily also on WordPress,      

Dust Muncher

The client requested a one page sales brochure for a new cleaning product. We created the website to present a client provided video of usage and benefits. We incorporated e-commerce for online purchasing, shopping cart, FAQ’s, testimonials, contact information. Note: Client closed the website and products no longer available.    

Jaded Monkey

Lucy helps this local artist gain exposure for his creative endeavors since 2010.  The site is created in WordPress CMS system and is easy to amend with new articles and artwork.  You can also find his artwork printed on T-shirts.  Any support you can give to this growing artist is appreciated.

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