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Moulding Catalog

Technical Profile Illustration Book

Wholesale Millwork has been a client of Lucy Clark since 1999.  This year they decided to go for a vintage look on their compete line of moulding products. The 32 page catalog was printed on satin matte finish stock. The cream tint and satin varnish along with a sewn stitch binding help create the throw back era which evokes the Farmers Almanac including tips and trivia.

Click to download the complete WM Moulding Book.   The Moulding Book was such a huge success that they decided to produce a 52 page pocket size companion version.  You can click here to review the WM Moulding Booklet pocket size PDF digital version.

Wholesale Millwork Catalog 2015

Wholesale Millwork – Moulding Catalog 2015

Wholesale Millwork WM Profile Catalog