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Marketing Agency Video Reel

Promotional Video – Animation & Editing Services

A perfect length video to display the digital agency’s breadth of work and multilingual projects. Lucy Clark was commissioned to produce this portfolio video for TMNcorp, a marketing and communications firm in Silver Spring, MD.  She created and executed the video, from storyboards to the final animation editing. The images were paced to coordinate with the client supplied video, graphics and music.  Production and editing with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere and After Effects programs. Accomplished the proofing rounds and revisions with storyboards. Demonstrated visual effects prior to final rendering with online posting. The video is used as an internal presentation at the TMNcorp studios, posted on Vimeo and YouTube.  1:13 (1 minute, 13 second length).  Creative Direction by Colleen Doyle.


The promotional video and demo reel for TMNcorp.

It’s a creative video for a marketing agency. The demo reel is their online portfolio created with video animation and editing.