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Lucy Clark Communications is composed of an expert team of experienced and dedicated professionals. We are proud to deliver productive and profitable communications products for many industry leaders around the nation. LCC currently operates out of two offices; the original in Baltimore, Maryland, and our newest office is located just outside of Boulder, CO.


Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark 4-8-2013 Graphic Designer Boulder ColoradoShe is our lead Creative Director, Project Manager, and Web Graphic Designer. Her 20+ years of communication experience spans designing for B to B and B to C. Her product and packaging printing industry experience includes design and production services for the textile, vinyl, Lexan and metal screen printing, poly and board flexographic. We each work daily with Lucy on larger projects consisting of E-commerce, data migration, social marketing programs, needs analysis, and more. She brings complete services from UX/UI, web development, and apps. Her photography, illustration, copywriting, pre-press services, and coordination of project designs from concept to delivery. Contact Lucy Clark to request her full summary bio.

We have a flexible team when the schedule becomes full, the team creatives and developers, as each project warrants for timely delivery and a more than expected results.

Colleen Doyle


Our Fells Point office shares space with Doyle Communications (Colleen Doyle MBE). She has over 20 years experience in providing creative direction, graphic design, marketing, and visual communications services for corporate and institutional clients, with particular expertise in education, public awareness, health care, financial, environmental, IT, communications, child-welfare, state and federal government agencies, and national associations. Ms. Doyle holds a BFA in Visual Communications from Maryland Institute College of Art and has a background in illustration, copywriting, team management, and teaching visual communications at the college level. Before starting her business in 1997, Ms. Doyle held positions as a senior designer and art director with a variety of well-known agencies such as Barton Matheson Willse and Worthington (BMWW), Bruce Presentations, Technical Resources Inc. (TRI), Art Graphic Design and Image Designers, among others. Ms. Doyle has served as an adjunct professor at colleges, including the Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Baltimore, and Anne Arundel Community College for over 15 years. Ms. Doyle was the inaugural Marketing Chair of the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance.


Karen Spies

Karen Spies, Advertising, Web Development, Mastermind, FounderShe’s a ‘creative’ who has worked in small businesses her whole life. She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and went on to work for three different art jewelers and a large scale metal sculptor. The jewelry was tedious and she knew that eventually working in one of those small shops, she felt she was likely to get injured. Then she started her first business in 1999 after graduating with a MA in Buddhist Studies. She has performed in improv, performed live music as she’s versed in many instruments, then sought speaking practice with toastmasters. Over the years she’s expanded her design skills into graphic design and website development. She’s since trained to master WordPress and has created websites for small businesses to large organizations. She’s also versed in photography, videography and video editing.